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Overhead Optimization

Reduce your business expenses by having one of our experts conduct a health-check of your corporate expenses. It's a simple process:

  • Provide a 12-month export of your historical expenses;
  • We identify areas of opportunity for further research
  • We leverage billions in spend-visibility to ensure you're getting the best-in-class pricing.

Procurement Augmentation

We operate as an extension of your team to handle the primary pillars of procurement:

  • Cost - Having the best pricing without sacrificing
  • Quality - We maintain high standards for you
  • Timeliness - No impact to your supply-line or delivery
  • Legitimacy - Identify partners that can support your business
  • Efficiencies - Reduce waste, and increase your EBITDA
Simple and easy to use
Data Integration on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

Contract Management

Tracking contracts, preventing auto-renewals, ensuring SLA compliance:

  • We handle all aspects of contract lifecycle management
  • Ensure renewals are processed in a timely manner
  • Get notified of upcoming price increases

Targeted Expense Areas

Our philosophy at Cost Reduction Associates is to create a tailored plan that aligns with your company's goals and targets for cost reduction. With our extensive experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every partnership, ensuring that we deliver the best possible results at each stage.

Here's a glimpse of the remarkable solutions that Cost Reduction Associates can provide for you and your team:

  • Information Technology

    Software as a Service; Hosting Optimization; Cybersecurity; Hardware Purchase & Lease

  • Facilities Management

    Maintenance/Repairs; Utilities; Insurance; Property Taxes; Security Services

  • Business Process Outsourcing

    Claims Processing & Review; Call Center

  • Professional Services

    Contingent Labor; Tax & Compliance; Litigation Support Services 

  • Information Management

    Research databases; Knowledge Services; Customer-Information & Sourcing

  • Supply Chain Management

    Ocean Freight; Air Freight; Small-Parcel; Mail-room

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